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Reinstate is a Northern company with Northern roots. “What’s that got to do with the price of fish?” you may ask.

Well, when it comes to having good, honest Northern values, based on trust, transparency and ‘saying it like it is’ it’s a pretty big selling point. Especially in the murky world of insurance.

Reinstate was set up by Andrew Hall in 2020, following several years at the helm of a National franchise of Loss Assessor and Building Repair companies. Prior to that, he was a partner in a company that bought and refurbished low value properties across the North East.

Aside from boasting a broad Middlesbrough accent, he is also pretty fluent in insurance lingo, pretty useful when spotting when an offer is fair and, crucially, when it isn’t. He sports the rare trait of genuinely caring about what he does and makes sure that everyone else that works with him does too, so much so that he is the primary point of contact for all customers at every stage of every job.

Reinstate has its own hand-picked network of specialist trades, each covering their own area. This enables a quick response, which, in the reinstatement world, equates to damage limitation. Essential when it comes to dealing with leaks, floods or fire, and of course stressed, worried customers who have just experienced significant damage to their homes.

So, when it comes to all elements of the property, insurance and reinstatement world, you could say the team at Reinstate know their onions. Pickled of course, they are Northerners remember.

What we do.

In short, we will project manage each and every trade required to fully revive and reinstate your property. Not only does this remove the stress of you having to source the various trades and ensure a timely and cost-effective programme of works, we also take on the responsibility of ensuring the Health and Safety of the job so you don’t have to.

What we provide:

  • Fully managed service from start to finish with a dedicated, single point of contact
  • A team of fully vetted specialists across all trades, complete with Health and Safety Policies and all the required insurances
  • Structural engineering and architectural services
  • Access to surveyors on major loss claims (costs to be paid by the insurance company)
  • Access to loss assessor who can deal directly with your insurance company.
  • A fair and realistic payment plan. We won’t ask you to pay upfront. Instead, we will collect stage payments in arrears and won’t collect the final payment until you are completely satisfied with the job.

Would you let your insurance company fit your kitchen?

We are guessing that the answer will be a big fat NO! But in many cases, when you make a claim and the insurance company opt to offer their own contractors you are relying on them to source the right tradespeople for your specific job.

Realistically, they will select the cheapest option, whereas, you’ll want to choose the best. If we’ve learned anything through our many years of experience, property reinstatement is not a ‘One Size Fits All’ job. And it’s certainly not one best suited to your local Jack or Jacqueline of All Trades.

If you are asked to get quotes or decide you want to find your own builder, you will undoubtedly want to choose specialists for each of the required trades to ensure that all elements of the job are carried out to the highest possible standard. Following a flood, your average kitchen fitter is unlikely to know much about thoroughly drying out a kitchen. They are even less likely to know that they will require a ‘Dry Certificate’ prior to starting work. This is where the words Bodge and Job start getting bandied around.

As qualified members of the British Damage Management Association 90% of the claims we deal with involve water damage—be that from a flood, or following an extinguished fire—so we’re pretty savvy when it comes to sorting these things out.

We’ve also witnessed the carnage when insurance companies have let barely skilled Tom, Dick and Harriet’s loose on a job, hence us having a team of professional tradespeople in place to ensure the job is done properly, first time round.

Not only can we source the right people for every stage of your job, we can also manage the process from start to finish, taking the stress off your shoulders.

We can well imagine that you have had more than enough of that lately.

Being treat unfairly by your insurance company?

In some situations it may be necessary to enlist a loss assessor, for example, if you had an unfairly repudiated claim, a poor settlement offer, you experienced unnecessary delays or unfair treatment or if there was a dispute over the details of your insurance cover.

While we do not offer this service in-house, we work closely with a reputable loss assessor who can assist with your claim, working in tandem with ourselves. We will recommend this service if necessary, however this may be at an additional cost to yourself.

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