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Whether you’ve had a leak, flood or a fire, its important to act as quickly as possible to prevent secondary damage which can reduce the cost of the overall insurance claim. We can attend and report very quickly and assist you in getting our costs approved so we can undertake the recommended work quickly

Water Damage

Water damage is the most common peril claimed for on buildings insurance policies and is known as escape of water. This can be from cold and hot water mains or from waste pipes including grey water and black water leaks and all need to be dealt with differently.

What is a grey water leak?

Grey water leaks can eventually become harmful. This is due to the bacteria that has been washed away when you’ve showered or washed your hands or from washing clothes and dishes in appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers

What is a black water leak?

Black water leak is water that’s been used to flush away human waste.

With the potential for harm to people living at the property, its highly recommended that you allow professional drying contractors to assess, sanitise, dry or remove building materials and sign off the job by providing a drying certificate prior to reinstating your property.

Mould Remediation

Addressing mould promptly is paramount before initiating any drying program. Mould, thriving in damp environments, poses health risks and structural damage. Our swift intervention prevents the spread of mould spores during drying, averting health hazards.

Delaying mould remediation jeopardizes the effectiveness of drying efforts, as mould proliferates in moist conditions. By prioritizing mould removal, our program ensures a thorough and enduring recovery, safeguarding not just structures but the well-being of occupants.

Fire Damage Restoration

Very few things are as damaging to a property as a fire, often rendering rooms dangerous and unusable. As a result, it makes sense to work with a professional team to quickly and effectively restore fire-damaged buildings.

In instances where the fire has been extinguished with water, the space, be that commercial or residential, may be left with additional water damage. Our specialist team can also rectify such damage, pumping and removing water followed by high-level cleaning and decontamination.

Leak Detection and Trace and Access

Our leak detection service uses state of the art equipment to pinpoint the exact location of hidden leaks. Once we have located the source of the leak, we can then access it and carry out a repair. Our engineers are highly trained and experienced that we offer a no find no fee service. Do not use a generic plumber to go on a seek and destroy mission. Use the experts.

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