Full property revival services

Full Property Revival Services

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On-site Surveying and Monitoring

To understand the full extent of damage to a property we attend the site in person as soon as possible to triage the situation. Once we have assessed the damage we can identify the areas most at risk and compile an action plan.

24/7 Response

Our professional leak detection solution forms the core of our revive service, enabling us to carry out emergency repairs at speed. This highly specialised service, involves isolating electrics after fire or water damage, while also detecting on-going leaks to avoid further disaster.

We understand the need for expert knowledge and insight when dealing with emergency plumbing work such as leak detection, which is why we have 24/7 access to our specialist team of plumbers and electricians.

For commercial properties where it is essential that there is minimal downtime our emergency plumber service is a must, enabling us to resolve hugely damaging leaks as quickly as possible.

Expert leak and cause identification and resolution

Leaks are a prevalent cause of damage to buildings, so resolving them as swiftly as possible is imperative. Our expert team use specialist tools and have all of the necessary equipment to trace the source of leaks and prevent them from causing more damage.

Water damage

Alongside fire, water damage can cause significant destruction to your property. Resolving any floods or identifying any trapped water quickly is essential to reduce further damage occurring at a later date. Problems such as rot and mould originate from waterlogged properties, therefore, removing any damaged materials swiftly and effectively is a must.

Fire Damage Restoration

Very few things are as damaging to a property as a fire, often rendering rooms dangerous and unusable. As a result, it makes sense to work with a professional team to quickly and effectively restore fire-damaged buildings.

In instances where the fire has been extinguished with water, the space, be that commercial or residential, may be left with additional water damage. Our specialist team can also rectify such damage, pumping and removing water followed by high-level cleaning and decontamination.

Strip-outs and Removals

If your property has been subjected to severe water or fire damage a strip-out may be required to remove any unsafe materials such as asbestos or fibreglass, plus any materials that are beyond economical repair including home contents. This could involve ripping out standard fixings like plaster, plasterboards and flooring, right through to removing more bespoke fittings such as architraves and built-in units.

The purpose of a strip-out is to prevent secondary damage and to restore your property to a blank canvas ready for full restoration.

Drying Certificate

Before a property can be reinstated it is essential that it is thoroughly dried out. Skipping this stage will only cause problems down the line, as traces of remaining water will simply destroy new materials. For this reason, we will monitor the process and when we are completely happy that there is no trace of moisture we will issue a ‘dry certificate’. On receipt of this certificate the reinstatement work can commence.

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