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At the core of our response services is our professional leak detection solution enabling us to carry out emergency repairs. Thanks to our 24/7 access to plumber and electricians, we’re able to resolve hugely damaging leaks as quickly as possible. We can isolate electrics after fire or water damage while also detecting ongoing leaks through our specialist contacts to avoid further disaster. For commercial properties where as little downtime as possible is essential, our emergency plumber service is a must.

While other companies may rely on generic plumbers to provide this highly specialised service, Reinstate understands the expert knowledge and insight needed for emergency plumbing work such as leak detection. Just some of the professional services that our response tier covers are as follows:

Expert leak and cause identification and resolution

Leaks are a prevalent cause of damage to buildings, and as such, resolving them as swiftly as possible is a must. Our expert team use specialist tools and have a mirad of equipment to trace the source of leaks and prevent them from causing more damage.

On-site surveying and monitoring

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of damage to buildings of all shapes and sizes, we’re well-placed to be able to survey the cause of the damage as well as review the extent and additional factors relating to the incident in the first place. Our surveying expertise means we’re able to prevent issues from worsening, such as structural problems caused by leak or fire that may otherwise lead to even more expensive water extraction and fire damage clean up claims.

Loss assessing and assessment reporting

Damage to your property can be stressful and challenging to deal with, especially when it comes down to the numbers. While it may be tempting to go along with your reinstatement insurance provider and agree on a cash settlement as swiftly as possible, without that insight or skill, you can easily undervalue the damage to your property. By using a professional team to report damage, causes and recommendations fully, you can relax knowing a fair settlement can be reached.

Your response in the event of a leak or fire in your property can make a considerable amount of difference to the outcome of your insurance. Fire and water restoration prices can be inflated beyond all reality. By bringing in the professionals, like our team at Reinstate, you can ensure the highest possible care is taken to resolve issues and get you the settlement you need to rebuild. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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