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Strip-outs and removals

For severe water or fire damage, strip-outs may be required to get rid of unsafe materials such as asbestos and fibreglass, or materials that are beyond economical repair. This includes anything from ripping out plaster, plasterboards and flooring through to removing architrave and built-in units, leaving your property a blank slate that’s ready for full restoration.

Fire damage restoration

Very few things are as damaging to a property as a fire – often rendering rooms dangerous and unusable. As such, it makes sense to work with a professional team to quickly and effectively restore fire-damage properties. For commercial and residential where fire has been put out with water, our specialist team can also deal with water damage, pumping and removal as well as high-level cleaning and decontamination. Essential for public and commercial spaces in particular.

Water damage restoration

Alongside fire, water damage can also be incredibly serious for your property. Resolving any floods or trapped water quickly is a must to ensure further damage is reduced as much as possible. But with problems like rot and mould also originating from waterlogged properties, removing any damage materials swiftly and effectively is a must. Our expert team is on-hand to provide this service, leaving your property looking brand new in no time.

As specialists in water and fire damaged properties, you’re choosing the experts when you work with us. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you restore your commercial property or home with our professional in-house team and wider contractor network.

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